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Big Country EC Announces Partnership with FilterEasy

      You probably hear often the importance of changing air filters in your home, right? It IS very important! If we’re honest, we can admit that remembering that is a challenge, and buying air filters isn’t on our grocery list every month.

      As your trusted energy advisor, we want to make this important step as convenient and affordable for you as possible. Big Country EC has partnered with FilterEasy, a subscription service that delivers the right air filters directly to you when it’s time for them to be  

      changed, at a cost that’s less than the retail stores. The benefits of using the FilterEasy service are:

  • Convenience
    • We deliver quality American made air filters, at a cost that’s less than traditional big box retailers.
    • We have access to many of filters (sizes, custom, etc.) most retailers do not stock.
  • Improved overall health
    • Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, with up to 65% of that time at home.
    • The US EPA ranks indoor air pollutants as a top 5 environmental risk to public health.
  • Reduced annual energy costs
    • The US Department of Energy estimates, consumers can reduce their annual energy consumption by 5-15% simply by quarterly changing their home’s air filters.
  • Decrease in avoidable HVAC related repairs, while extending overall system life
    • HVAC professionals argue the easiest and most efficient way to do this, is by routinely changing your air filters.
  • Shipments act as a physical reminder to change air filters

Getting started is easy and your first shipment is FREE! Click the FilterEasy icon above to get started. Select number and size of air filters, filter grade, payment information then you can breathe easy with FilterEasy and Big Country EC!

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