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Member-owned Solar Generation

10 Steps To Take Before Installing Solar

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     As a member-owner of Big Country Electric Cooperative, we are your source for power and information.

     If you are thinking about installing solar at your home, we have a 10-step guide to help aid your process. As prices decline and technology improves, installing a residential solar system - also called a photovoltaic or PV system - makes sense for some members. However, even with these recent improvements in PV, it’s important to find out the facts before committing to a purchase. For a successful installation, here is a summary of the critical steps to take before signing a contract.

1. Make your home more energy efficient before buying a solar system.

2. Research, research, research, before investing in a solar system.

3. Understand how solar generation meshes with your co-op's distribution system.

4. Review your current energy use so you can determine what size PV system to install.

5. Tally upfront costs.

6. Search for incentives, rebates, and tax credits.

7. Be sure you know and understand what your responsibilities are if you purchase a PV system, including extra costs to connect to the cooperative grid, maintenance and system repairs.

8. Follow all safety precautions.

9. Choose a reputable contractor/installer.

10. Maintain good records.

As your local electric co-op, we encourage you to tap into us for the latest information about renewable energy options in our area. Contact Sarah McLen at (325) 776-3803 or for more information about solar and assistance in making decisions about whether solar is a good option for you.

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