Payment Options

Payment Options

Bills are due and payable upon receipt. Failure to receive a bill does not exempt a member from payment.

Payment of bills may be made by mail or in person to any of the following Big Country Electric Cooperative offices:

BCEC Stamford Branch: 225 W. McHarg, P.O. Box 1147, Stamford, TX 79553
BCEC Snyder Branch: 1600 McCowen, P.O. Box 1249, Snyder, TX 79550
BCEC Roby: 1010 W. South 1st, P.O. Box 518, Roby, TX 79543

Bills may also be paid through the night-drop box at any of the above office locations.

BCEC offers the following payment options:

ONLINE BILL PAY (E-BILL) - is now available. Residential accounts can pay their Big Country EC electric bill using Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards and electronic checks. Commercial accounts can pay using electronic checks only.

BANK DRAFT – A monthly draft will be drawn from your bank account with your authorization. Members will continue to receive an invoice with a statement of “Paid by Bank Draft” which will keep the member updated on usage and amount drafted each month. Please contact any one of our offices for an authorization form.

AUTOMATIC CREDIT CARD PAYMENT – With your authorization, BCEC will process your monthly electric bill every month by charging the bill to your credit card. A BCEC monthly invoice will be mailed to inform the member of the kWh usage and credit card charges. You will have several days to review your bill before we process your bill through credit card payment. The invoice will state “Paid by Credit Card”. Please contact any one of our offices to obtain an authorization form for automatic credit card payment.

BUDGET BILLING or AVERAGE BILLING – Members on fixed incomes or who desire to have an average monthly electric bill for their residential meter could benefit from our Budget Bill option. To qualify for Budget Billing, a member must have purchased electricity from BCEC at the residential meter location for at least 12 months and the account must be current.

We offer “variable budget billing” for residential accounts. Variable budget billing uses an actual average for a rolling twelve-month period. Each year in May, budget bills will “settle-up” – this will be reflected on your June bill. If there is a balance due, the member is required to make payment when billed. If there is a credit balance, it will be applied to your June billing.  You will begin your regular Budget Billing amount the following month, July, whether or not you had a credit balance on your June billing. Your BCEC statement will reflect the amount owed or credited on your account.